May 14, 2006

Queen of Sky

Diary of a fired flight attendant.
She was fired because showing some pictures on her blog. (

The link to the blog:

Sunday, 14 May 2006: blog is offline

Swiss girls


May 13, 2006

Flight Girls

Flight Girls - Book by Ralf Schultheiss.

Very hot book in which several flight attendants are photographed in stockings, lingerie or naked. Very sexy!!! Worth a look!



Sexy legs 2...

Second pic of the nice stewardess.
It is a Swiss stewardess.

May 06, 2006

Sexy legs...

Yahoo! Group 1

The first Yahoo! Group which I would like to present: airstewardessarchives.

Some nice content, pictures, etc.

Great site about stockings in general. However, lots of "stewardess content", too. The forum is especially great. Just search for, for instance, "stewardess", "airport", "airlines". You will find great stories of sightings!!


Welcome to the Blog "Stewardess Legs"

Welcome all to my new blog - STEWARDESS LEGS!

Have you ever been sitting at the airport and seing lovely flight attendants wearing nice skirts and great nylons?!

I have to admit that I really love those girls and this blog is intended for people having a "fetish" for sexy flight attendants and their lovely legs.

Contributions welcome!!

Kind regards,
Sexy Stewardess